Depoimento 4

I was visiting São Paulo for work for a few months and I kept hearing about Ubatuba. I didn’t really want to rent a car and drive there alone because I didn’t know what to do or see. Luckily a friend heard about Extreme Trips and we booked a weekend to Ubatuba with Marcos. The trip started with Marcos picking us up at our apartments and driving us through São Paulo state (no stress for us!). He even stopped at an awesome rest stop for us to get coffee and breakfast on the way. Upon arriving, we checked into a bed and breakfast type place that was very authentic to Brazil. The family who owned the property lived there and there were a few other surfers staying there as well. We all ate breakfast together and learned about each other and I got to practice my Portuguese. During the day, Marcos took us to see some of the most famous beaches and hidden treasures of the island including a waterfall, a quaint bar overlooking an untouched beach and The North Shore – a food stand in Itamambuca that had the BEST Açai I have ever had. We went there every day! Marcos entertained us the entire weekend, joining us for dinner, giving us time to nap/rest and even taught one of us how to surf. Marcos is an awesome guy who knows a lot about Ubatuba and São Paulo State. By the end of this trip, I felt like we were friends. I would definitely recommend customizing your own tour ASAP.

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